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All our dogs had several health tests before breeding


A little bit about me

My daughter, dogs and I live in Belgium in the beautiful province named Limburg. From when I was little girl, we always had dogs and other animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, a crow and so on. When I went living on my own that didn't really changed much and I almost always had a dog. With Roy I went to a dog school, just for the fun and to meet people, but Roy really surprised me and changed my life. Since 2010 I'm  a dog trainer at the dog school were I train with Roy. Another hobbies are photograpy, reading, backing, walking with the dogs and a lot more.  

The history of the kennel

The start of the kennel began with Roy, a Fluff Cardigan (long-haired Corgi), who came into my life after I had to let go of my best friend Rick, a crossbreed Corgi- Papillon. I was not looking for a dog when I saw Roy for the first time and from that moment on I knew he was mine. So I came in contact with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed. Because it is such a lovely breed with a sence off humor and a lot more it didn’t end with one. Just take a look at My Dogs and you will see all our adorble and lovely Corgies who all get Tender, Love and Care and living in the house, like a member off the Family.

The meaning of the name

Hanlon’s Star

Roy, my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi, his official name on his pedigree is Cymraeg Ci "Hanlon". When Roy was a little boy and I went to pick him up the meaning of Hanlon was told to me, it is an old Irish word and it means Champion.”Star” I added for my Rick, who is now a little star in heaven. So the choice of the kennel name was quickly made. It’s the official name of my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi and it has a special meaning to me. I think that all dogs and other animals are Champions. By this, Roy is also the mascotte of the kennel, this is how I got the kennel name for my kennel.